Computech Inc. | Computer parts and services including remote support | Repairs | Virus Removal | Now offering QuickSupport to remotely fix your computer!

Welcome to Computech!

Computech offers a wide variety of services for many different types of computers and electronics from Windows ® PCs to Apple ® iPhones. Computech provides quality Network set-up and repairs, virus removal, PC repairs, Mac repairs, printer repairs, and much more. We offer premium parts and services. We are located in Wellington, FL. Feel free to contact us at 305.491.2503


What we have to offer:

  • Computer repairs

    Computech provides high quality service in computer repairs and have been in the field for over 20 years. We remove even the toughest viruses that your anti-virus will not detect or remove. Over 6,000 web pages are infected every day (one every 14 seconds) and there are over 1 million varieties of viruses out there. We remove these. We also offer laptop repair services for those tough to fix laptops.

  • Custom Built Computers

    Computech offers the best built computers ever. We can customize according to your specifications. We also offer top quality parts and services.

  • Privacy

    We specialize in internet security and find security holes and vulnerabilities in your home computer or server. We can remove all traces of sensitive data and prevent hackers from stealing it. With Computech, your computer is secure.